The Lede: But Keep This in Mind About Egypt

18 Feb

Following the blog on The New York Times website, The Lede, I just read the post about the words of the Egyptian writer Alaa El Aswany. In it, a portion of a phone interview with Aswany about some clarifications on Islam are discussed. The writer talk about some interpretations of the Quran and how some people take things into literal context, when you really have to think about it differently. Some of those examples are looking at the Quran when you can’t read, walking too far to go to a Mosque, and the interpretation of religion itself.

Aswany then goes on to talk about the difference between Egyptians and other cultures. He says that Egyptians are very religious, including Egyptian Jews and Christians. He talks about the difference between the Wahabis in Saudi Arabia and the Egyptians. Because many Egyptians went to work in Saudi Arabia for the last couple of decades, there have been some changes going on back in Egypt now from what they learned in Saudi Arabia.


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