The Lede: Breaking Up in Five Ryhming Lines

23 Feb

In this latest post from The Lede, Patrick J. Lyons talks about how the third largest city in Ireland, Limerick, is now leading the country in divorces. I think it’s an interesting thing to think about. When I was in Ireland I stayed in Dublin and only took one day out into the country, so it wouldn’t be fair to make a judgment on the city of Limerick, but it’s hard to understand why one city has more divorces over another.

The impression that I got from the Irish is that they’re hilarious and lovable people. Even when they’re insulting you to your face in that quick wit, it’s still funny and with good intentions. You might walk away and five minutes later realize they were messing with you.

America has its own issue with divorces. I was surprised to hear that there are now speedy divorces in Limerick as well. That sort of “quick response” thing is more of a western trend, and I was surprised it’s made its way over to Europe.

In the end, the problem could be coming from rushing into a relationship without giving much thought to the commitment, and once the couple realizes they can’t stand each other, they immediately want out, rather than working through it.


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