The Lede: Seven More Sins, Thanks to Vatican

10 Mar

In a post by Mike Nizza on The Lede today, Nizza discussed that the Vatican has now added 7 new sins, in addition to the other 7 sins and the 10 Commandments. The new sins include birth control, stem cell research, drug abuse, polluting the environment, contributing to a divide between the rich and poor, excessive wealth, and creating poverty.

While some of these new sins might seem like common sense, mainly the ones about the environment and poverty, the others just seem like the Vatican trying to reach into a modern and global demographic. It’s hard to relate to Biblical stories about sacrifices and burning bushes, so it seems like the Church is trying to bring back the followers with things they can relate to.

Personally, I feel like the Church has their original sins, and they should stick to them. Why not add nuclear war to the list while they’re at it? Or how about identity theft? When I heard that the Vatican had a new ruling a couple of years back on driving, I knew they were reaching beyond their limits. But this new list just seems like they’re really stretched thin. Kind of like when a TV show will pull out a random celebrity guest in the hopes that it draws interest, but you can just tell they don’t fit in and it doesn’t make sense.


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