On the Road Again

15 Mar

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Uruguay, and all I have to do between then and now is sit around and think about it. This will be my first time in South America, and I’m very excited. I’ve wanted to visit Argentina for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been thinking about getting a job in Buenos Aires for the last year. Of course, I’ll be going to Uruguay, which is close, but oh so far from Argentina. We have a lay over in Buenos Aires for only an hour or so each way, so I’ll have to soak in those couple of hours at the airport to get my Argentina experience.

My mom is from Argentina, and I’ve wanted to see the country firsthand so badly, and now that I’ll be so close, it’s almost ironic how I won’t even be able to leave the airport. But I can’t be too upset because I’m going to be having a good week anyway. For spring break, me and nine other volunteers from UMass will be participating in an Alternative Spring Break in Montevideo, the capital. We’ll be building houses and working with the community for a few days, as well as seeing a little of the country.

Students from the University of Illinois and Yale University will also be participating, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun not only to be in a different country, but to be helping out and getting to know some of the people. This is going to be my first trip since January, when I came back from Israel, and I’m looking forward to getting the travel bug again. Of course, the last thing I’m looking forward to is a 12-hour red eye.

I still find something amazing about getting on a plane and a few hours later being in a totally different part of the world with a different culture and language. Everything is within reach these days. While I’m in Uruguay I’m going to try to do some writing and post blogs if I’m able to get the Internet. It’s no guarantee, but check in, and I might have some cool things to share. If not, I’ll be back in a week and I’ll have some good things to write. Hasta luego.


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