Travel in the News

26 Mar

Two articles in the New York Times caught my attention today. The first article is about trans-continental travel about to get a lot easier, and the second is about a policy about airline responsibilities. I think both are connected in some way. The first article talks about a restriction being lifted on flights across the Atlantic Ocean. For the last few decades only certain airlines could go to certain cities, but on March 30, that restriction will be lifted and the market will essentially be free once again.

This is good news for people who want to find other cities to arrive in, as well as shop around for lower prices. An executive with Ryanair, a cheap airline based out of Ireland, has said he is going to invest in a new airline to frequent cities like Liverpool and Baltimore. I think this is kind of funny because I’ve always said I’d never want to be on a Ryanair plane across the Atlantic, but I might one day find myself taking it if it only costs $15.

The other article is about New York state losing the right to fine airlines up to $1000 per passenger for not providing water, fresh air, and other amenities when the flight has been delayed up to three hours, stranding the passengers on board. I’ve actually had this happen to me, and it’s an awful experience. I think an airline should be held accountable for at least providing fresh air and water. The fact that you aren’t able to go anywhere completely leaves you stuck as a virtual prisoner.

Just yesterday my flight landed at JFK too early and customs hadn’t opened up yet. We had to stay on the plane for another half hour after flying for 10 hours. All we wanted to do was get off, but we weren’t even brought water or anything else to hold us over. Of course, waiting a half hour isn’t nearly as bad as three hours, but if you’ve been on a plane long enough, nothing is going to keep you happy.

As for a worst case scenario: Being stuck on a Ryanair flight for 10 hours.


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