How To Screw With Your Friend’s Verizon Phone

5 Apr

An interesting thing happened this morning. When I tried to call my voicemail, it called my friend Paul. My roommate Smitty had tried calling me earlier and instead of getting me he was forwarded to Paul. Thus, we discovered a loophole in Verizon’s network that can totally screw with someone’s phone if they’re unaware of it. This makes a great prank, but don’t use it as a weapon.

Apparently when you dial *68 + any number, the two phones will become linked. When you dial your voicemail you go straight to their line, and when someone calls you it will go to the other phone. Last night Paul took my phone when I wasn’t paying attention and put on this “glitch” as a joke but forgot to take it off before I went home.

How the “Glitch” Was Discovered

One day our friend Curtis was trying to play a prank on Paul while he was in class by calling him anonymously. Normally, hitting *67 before calling a number will make it restricted, but Curtis is kind of an idiot and hit *68. What resulted for the next two hours was total confusion between Curtis, Paul, and anyone else calling. Only after playing around with every button and combination on the phones for two hours were the idiots able to fix their phones back.

To fix the “glitch” you just need to dial *73. Call you voicemail to make sure it works. I’m not sure why this is possible, but it’s probably been a problem to people before. Who knows, maybe Verizon has some reason for allowing this to happen. In any case, seeing as how it’s April 5, you might want to do this prank sooner, rather than waiting another 361 days for April Fool’s Day.


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