The Lede: No Refuge in Mexico for Fugitive Marine

13 Apr

In a recent Lede post by Patrick J. Lyons, the manhunt of a fugitive Marine is brought to an end. Cpl. Cesar Laurean was wanted for the murder of another Marine that was 8 months pregnant and had accused him of raping her.

Lyons writes that Mexico seems like a safe haven to many fugitives, based mostly off of Westerns and the idea that once you cross the border you’ll be OK. Since 1980, the U.S. and Mexico have had an extradition treaty, and since 1995 it has been increasingly harder to escape justice.

I think this is interesting to think about because it connects closely with globalization and the use of technology and the internet throughout the world. Mexican authorities were able to recognize Laurean because of distinctive tattoos they had seen pictures of and reports of his search. Without the help of modern technology, the authorities probably wouldn’t have been able to find him so easily.

Another thing to think about is the connectivity throughout the world now. At any point in time someone can snap a photo of a random event and get that picture posted online. If someone looking at the photo happens to recognize someone in it, they can immediately look up the number for authorities in that part of the world and call in a report. It’s just another way in which the internet has helped to make the world a smaller place.


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