ABC Launches New Network, TWO

24 Apr

ABC is known as one of the top networks on T.V. As if that isn’t enough, the network plans to launch their new network, TWO for Spring 2008, which will offer five new series: “Perfect Killer,” “What Exit,” “YouNews,” “Campus Life,” and “Survivor Island”.

TWO was created during the 100 day Writer’s Guild Association strike. Since ABC experienced a decline in ratings, executives decided to use TWO as a comeback. Stephen McPherson, President of ABC Entertainment, is anticipating TWO’s debut and success.

“ABC is the #1 network with women 18-49 and TWO is designed to attack the same demographic using ABCs recipe for success” said McPherson.

Four out of the five programs debuting on TWO are reality series. ABC producers decided on these types of shows due to the Writer’s Strike turmoil. Moreover, neither writers nor actors were available.

In order to promote the network, ABC and ABC Family will run frequent advertisements about the new network. Furthermore, different websites will be publicizing ABC’s newest project. Network producers feel that in order to receive as much viewership as possible, commercials will be aired during popular ABC programs.

Altogether, ABC representatives plan to spend $3,280,000 on advertisements and publicity.

Monica Gleberman, an ABC representative claims, “ TWO will be the next largest network”. For more information on TWO tune into ABC, ABC Family or


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