Departure Date Set

25 Jul

After months of waiting and wondering, I finally found out last night that I’ll be leaving for Quito on Friday, August 29. We’re leaving from Miami at 7:45 or so in the morning and will get to Quito around 10:55, if all goes to plan.

I’ll need to get to Miami the day before for a pre-departure meeting and, of course, to make sure that everything is set to go before jumping on the plane to South America. I considered taking a bus down to Miami to save money and get to see some of the country before I leave, but after doing some research, found out that it was actually cheaper to take a flight with American Airlines through STA Travel. Not to mention that it would take somewhere around, oh, 26 hours by bus.

It’s a relief to finally know when I’ll be leaving, and now it just seems all the more real. Having a departure date, I’m able to give my work notice of my last day, make some doctors appointments, and settle anything else that I need to take care of. Still far away, yet the date comes closer with every glance at the calendar. And it seems like there’s still so much I have to get done.


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