An Antique Car Show in Cuenca

18 Oct

Good news! Video is back on the blog. Hooray! Yesterday morning an antique car show wound its way through the center of Cuenca, and I was there to take some video of it. It was pretty interesting, because it though I didn’t grow up in the 50s and have no idea what it was like, it sort of reminded me of it. The cars were basically parading around the girls who were competing for the “Queen of Cuenca” title. Some of the supporters of the girls would march by following the car with banners with the pictures of the candidates and chant their names loudly.

Some of the cars in the parade were actually just old, and not necessarily antiques, and didn’t really belong in the show. I was told that this is all part of the festivals for the celebration of Cuenca’s Independence Day on November 4th. There will be about five days of celebration and the town will pick a queen.

Maybe the most interesting part of the parade was a man in white, shown in the video, who really seemed to love the whole process, and cheered as much as he could. There was also a KFC car which drove by boasting the good name of the colonel. KFC is huge down in Ecuador, and there’s one on just about every corner here. McDonald’s and Burger King don’t stand a chance against the fried chicken. It was actually my dinner last night. Sometimes you just get a plate of fried chicken and it turns out it’s from the colonel. KFC should just set up their base of operations in Quito.

Later that night I went to a tribute concert for a band called Soda Stereo in the center of town. There were three tribute bands that played the music of Soda Stereo, and the place was going nuts. The music wasn’t bad, but I was just tired and kind of out of it, so I just sat there and daydreamed for about 3 hours, with background music of course.

Here’s the short video of some of the cars driving by, and the man in white, of course.


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