It’s Always Something with the Water

20 Nov

There is usually one problem or another with the water down here. If it’s not potential illness from drinking it, there’s another reason it gives you a hassle. Normally for me, I have to battle with the water pressure in my house, which jumps around in a bipolar madness, one minute being scalding hot, the next freezing cold. It makes it harder to take a shower under these types of conditions.

But that being said, I’ve gotten used to dealing with that issue. Every now and then the water pressure just drops out, however, and there’s no water available for a while. This happened a lot during October, when it rained every day, and I never quite understood why people didn’t collect the rain.

The pressure usually came back after a while though, but today it has been out all morning. If I were out and about, it wouldn’t matter that much, but I’m here at home for now. I need a shower and a shave, but without the water, I’m at a loss. And of course, I’d love to use the bathroom, but there’s no way that’s going to happen without a little water in the bowl. So I’m stuck waiting for the water to come back, whenever that may be. With every passing minute I’m growing more and more uncomfortable, and I am getting more and more aggravated.

My face is scraggly and scratchy, begging to be shaved. My teeth want to be brushed. And my stomach is losing its patience. When is that damn water pressure coming back?


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