Rainy Week

17 Apr

Thinking about it now, I can definitely see a distinct difference between March and April. In Cuenca, anyway. In March it was more often than not hot and sunny. I had to even practice a little caution to avoid bad sunburn. April, on the other hand, is completely different. It seems like just about every day is gray and cold with rain at one point or another. Sometimes it just rains the entire day. It’s getting old fast.

This week has been exceptionally miserable in terms of the weather. I haven’t seen the sun since I was out of town at lower altitude last weekend. I couldn’t even go on a run for a week until this morning when the rain stopped long enough for me to get outside. It hasn’t really rained hard today, but I’m betting that mean it will pour tonight.

They have a saying here, “abril, augas mil.” It’s along the same lines as “April showers bring May flowers.” I’m just hoping the weather changes soon, because I’m getting pretty sick of walking around under an umbrella 90% of the time. And I think the weather also plays an effect on other things. I find myself less patient walking around, dealing with people on the street who take up all the room on the sidewalk. Or the food that I’m so sick of eating. I’m at the point now where I can barely stand it. So many things that I’d gotten used to already are now starting to drive me nuts again. Could the weather be playing a role? Or maybe time is just catching up with me. I’m not sure. A change could do some good, though.


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