Looking Ahead

19 May

Because I don’t want to arrive in Argentina without a job, an apartment, or anything else to help me, I’ve started to look ahead into my options for when I arrive in August. After asking around, I was told to join up on CouchSurfing to look for roommates in Buenos Aires, or at the very least someone who would be willing to rent an apartment. I’d been looking on Craigslist for apartments, and the rates were sky high.

After creating an account and joining the Buenos Aires forum, I’ve already recieved a couple of offers. My Inbox was exploding with emails from the site, which I had to filter to make sure weren’t just junk, but at least it’s already working. Now I just need to hopefully make the right decision and pick something feasible. I’m still waiting to hear about jobs, but if I can at least have a place to stay when I get there, it would make things easier.

In addition to apartments and jobs, I’m also looking forward to meeting people in Buenos Aires. With the help of the Matador Network, I’m already in touch with a few people who are currently in Buenos Aires or will be by the time I get there. Though I haven’t met these people yet, it will be helpful to meet up and get some advice on my new home. Also, it will just be nice to know someone while I’m still getting my feet off the ground.

So while I’m still here in Cuenca, Ecuador, I’m trying to figure things out for the next few months. Though I’m going home to the United States for a few weeks before Argentina, I’m really just thinking of it as a long vacation before I start up work again. I’ve been approved for Argentinian citizenship, and though I have the papers that I was supposed to sign in the consulate in Guayaquil, I’m just going to have to wait until I get home and go to New York. For some reason the diplomats in Guayaquil can’t figure out what to do. This could delay getting the DNI citizenship card, but with some luck it won’t destroy my plans. Either way, I’m Argentina bound in August.


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