This is the End

25 Jun

Tonight I will give the last lesson for my night class. I couldn’t be more excited, as this night class was extremely challenging for me and I honestly did not enjoy it one bit. But even with the misery of going to that class every night, they were still students who wanted to learn. I didn’t hate the students, I just didn’t like the class, and the fact that I was teaching it. But last night the few students that showed up wanted to celebrate the end of the semester, so one of the students went to buy a pizza and some drinks. They wanted to go out, but I really wanted to finish the material before we did anything.

But this is the beginning of the end, in many respects. I still have my afternoon class for another week, and though we have final exams and second chance exams throughout July, the teaching part of the deal is nearly completed. I feel like with all of the good and bad times, it was a good experience that at the very least has taught me that my future doesn’t lie in teaching English as a second language. I might be able to push through it for a year or two, but it is not my calling. And that’s OK. It’s a valuable lesson to have learned.

As much as I like being down here, I am ready for a change, and after hearing so many good things about Buenos Aires, I’m really excited to be going there. And now a friend from my program might be heading down around the same time as me for a little vacation before coming back to Ecuador. I need to do some more convincing, but I think she’s sold. It’ll be a nice transition to have someone with me the first week or so in Argentina.

A couple of nights ago my toilet randomly started leaking water around 2 in the morning, and it was so loud it sounded like it was raining in my room. So that kept me up for a good portion of the night, as well as soaking my bathroom floor, and in addition to the paranoia of bed bugs, I haven’t been sleeping too well lately. Basically, I’m ready for a little comfort of the United States. Even if it’s only for a few weeks.


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