I’ve Jumped On the Mac Train

5 Aug

I’ve written in previous posts that my 3 year old Dell Inspiron E1505 has been on the outs for the better part of the last year. I’ve run out of memory and there are constant problems that force the lap top to shut down. I knew that I needed to get myself a new machine before leaving for Argentina because to go down without a reliable lap top would leave me unable to complete my work and, obviously, leave me very bored if I had no way to play movies or listen to music. But the biggest question was what to get?

For as long as I can remember I was against Macs, mainly because I was raised with PCs in the house and that’s what I knew. I’d used Macs in school but they had never charmed me very much, until this past December/January break when I stayed with my friends in Santiago, Chile. Both of them had Macs and so for almost two weeks I was using their lap tops to check emails, listen to music, and watch shows from time to time. I slowly realized that I liked using a Macbook.

But the next decision came about the cost. It’s hard to switch over to a Mac and not incur a large expense, and coming off of a year of volunteering, heading into a new country without a job, I don’t have much to work with. But my dad said he would help me out because it was something I needed, not only for entertainment but also for work. It’s all but a fact that Macs have better programs for video/audio/and photography editing. Since I’m working with multimedia more and more, especially for this blog, I want to have the best technology that I can afford. So I took the leap this morning and went ahead with what I sort of knew all along I’d wind up doing. I bought a Macbook Pro.

I knew I wanted a lap top with at least 250 gigabytes, because my last one had only 50 and I’ve been deleted things like a madman just to keep afloat. But I don’t want to have to delete anything anymore. It’s all important at some level. I was able to get a student discount even though I’m no longer a student, and as a result got an 8 gigabyte iPod touch that will be free once I get a rebate. This will help to replace the last iPod I had that was stolen the first week I was in Ecuador. I’m still fumbling with the fact that everyone seems to have Blackberries or iPhones, and now I’m joining the ranks myself.

For the next couple of days I’m going to have to transfer my old files, articles, photos, and music to my new lap top. But soon enough I will be back to the grind, working away and hopefully finding success as a new user of a Mac. I have some video from my hike around Quilotoa crater lake that I am looking forward to editing with iMovie and will post to the blog. And I still have some good stories to share. So check back in and hopefully you’ll be able to see a bit of a difference in the multimedia section of the blog.


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