Back on the Road

1 Sep

Yesterday was a good day. I got a job working with a travel agency here in Buenos Aires, doing something I really enjoy. Not only will the job give me the opportunity to travel and get more familiar with the country, but I’ll be writing as well. My basic duties will be to update the information on destinations around the country and write content for the agency’s Web site in English. With that being said, I’m headed out on the road tonight to get more familiar with Argentina.

Kristine and I will be taking a night bus to Mendoza, arriving tomorrow morning. Night buses in Argentina are very different from those in Ecuador, and I’ve heard it’s a first class experience that is in many ways better than flying. I’ve seen the huge, double decker buses driving through the city, and I’m excited to see what it’s like on the inside. Kristine wanted to spring for a full bed seat, so we paid a little extra, but will also be on the top floor in the seats facing the windshield, giving us a good view when the sun does rise again tomorrow morning in the western part of the country.

We’ll be in Mendoza and the surrounding wine vineyards for a couple of nights before moving on to Córdoba, a historic university city, which is still about 10 hours away from Mendoza. We’ll also be spending a couple of nights in that area and then moving on to Iguazu Falls in the northeast corner of the country, bordering Brazil and Paraguay. We won’t be able to enter Brazil because we don’t have visas, but we might be able to enter Paraguay for the day if the visa isn’t too expensive. We’ll figure that all out when we get there.

Yesterday was a rainy and cold day. But things were going well, and as I walked with Kristine through the park explaining what I’ll be doing and how I was happy to have the job, a bird pooped on my head. It’s something that just had to be laughed off, from me to Kristine to the guy who watched from a distance. The universe was evened out again. I’m bringing my lap top with me to be able to continue blogging and adding pictures from out trip, so check in to the blog to see what’s happening on the other side of the country.

On another note, you’ll notice on the left side that my pictures have changed. Since I’m no longer in Ecuador and I’ve been taking many pictures of Buenos Aires, the photos featured will now be of Buenos Aires, and eventually Mendoza, Córdoba, and Iguazu. I’m still trying to work with the photo option to add as many photos as possible for the enjoyment of the reader. So take a look at some of the things I’ve seen so far.

Above: Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires


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