The Best Photo of the Day

10 Oct

Argentina coach Diego Maradona with Lionel Messi

Today is a big day for fans of Argentinian soccer. At 7 pm tonight in Buenos Aires, the national team will play against Peru in a qualifying match for the World Cup next year. Because of so many bad games and losses, Argentina could potentially not make the World Cup, which would be a huge shock to the soccer world. This is probably one of their last chances to turn things around and make a “Wild Card” slot, so basically tonight is do or die.

This photo, which was posted on the Clarín Web site, is of legendary player turned fallen star turned national team coach Diego Maradona and rising star Lionel Messi at practice. As you can see, Maradona is pointing for something, though it does look like he’s picking his nose. A great photo, really.

Depending on how things go tonight, there could either be a soccer riot or…maybe a soccer riot. Who knows. It’s been a pretty volatile week with rumors that Maradona would quit because of disagreements with other managers, and other demonstrations about the government moving to break up monopolies within the media. So we’ll see what happens tonight. I’ll keep you posted if anything crazy should happen.

Below is a video of Maradona’s goal against England in the 1986 World Cup semi-finals, which was voted by FIFA as the “Goal of the Century.”


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