Last Communication For a Bit

16 Jan

It’s a rainy Saturday morning, and according to the news, it’s supposed to be a rainy Saturday through and through. Bummer, dude. My parents are probably somewhere over northern Argentina right now,  and should be touching down in less than an hour. It’s too bad they’re arriving on such a crumby day, but you win some and you lose some. The worst of it is that I was planning on walking down to their hotel in Puerto Madero to meet them, but now I need to find another way.

This also throws off other plans for the day. I figured we could walk around a bit and see some neighborhoods they’ve probably never been to. But now maybe a museum or something will be more appropriate. Really, I just want to crawl back in bed, as it’s one of those days that is perfect for sleeping away the morning. But there’s business afoot.

So we’ll be busy today with the arrival, going around town a bit with Vero, and then later in the afternoon I have to run up to Palermo to pick up the keys to my new apartment. For a few hours here I’ll be without a place, at least in theory anyway. Technically I’m already paying for my new apartment, though I can’t even take advantage of it yet.

Tomorrow morning, far earlier than people should have to wake up, we’ll be heading to the domestic airport to fly south to Patagonia. From the road I’ll try to find wireless connections and keep updates coming, so check back in to the blog to see how the travels are going. I’ll also be uploading photos of Patagonia and, if time permits, making a video or two.


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