Vale La Pena

9 Feb

Even with guests here (though they left today for Mendoza) I’m starting to get used to my new routine. My new home is farther north, which makes the commute to work a bit farther, and instead of walking I now take the subway. This alone is another headache from time to time for obvious reasons. It seems as though half of the city tries to jam onto the D line in the morning, and at least once a week it breaks down with people elbow to elbow and sweating. You don’t know what day it’s going to be, but you know it will happen.

Leaving a bit earlier, standing around for the train, and then cramming in with everyone else is slowing becoming the norm. Coming home to this new apartment is now starting to feel normal rather than out of place. That’s a good thing, as I’d rather not feel uncomfortable for too long. Now when time is permitting, I come home and go for a run, shower, make dinner and before long there’s time enough to relax for a bit before bed.

It feels much better to have something else to do when I come home from work besides go straight to the computer after being in front of one all day. I don’t watch much TV, but it’s nice to have one in the apartment, so during those times that I do get bored and want to watch it’s easy and accessible. And furthermore, it’s my own space and I don’t have to feel badly about doing anything.

So you have to get used to a rougher commuter and some other minor changes, but I think in the end it’s worth it to feel comfortable at home and to be able to do what I like after work. And in a city of this size, there will always be something else going on if I get sick of running.


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