The Earthquake in Chile

27 Feb

A few people from back home have sent me messages asking if I felt any of the shock waves from the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile early this morning. The answer is no, and I had no idea it happened until I woke up and saw five emails from my mom about it. News reports said that the earthquake was felt in the north of the country by Salta and Jujuy, but unless someone is uber-sensitive, it was not felt here last night.

I’m sorry to hear about how bad the destruction in Chile is and how the tsunamis across the Pacific continue to roll on. This happened at a bad time (not that it’s ever good) with so many tourists still in Chile on vacation. I wonder how this will affect clients from my company who are in Chile.

I have a Chilean friend and actually spoke to her this afternoon. She told me that her house is basically destroyed, with the roof caved in and the walls split. She is now staying at her dad’s office and they’ll probably have to get a new home. That’s in Santiago, not even near the epicenter. Chile is considered a country that gets earthquakes from time to time, but obviously no one saw this kind of destruction coming. But anyway, long story short, nothing is out of the ordinary here in Buenos Aires.


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