Possible Changes to Travel Guy

10 May

Hey to all of my faithful readers… Anyone?… Tumbleweed? Well anyway, there might be some changes to the blog coming up soon. I’m looking to expand on the presentation and display of the blog, or in other words, make it prettier and with more buttons. Over the weekend I set up a Weebly site after seeing my friend Ricardo’s great looking Web site with them. Weebly allows you to set up a free site and has many more options than Blogspot.

This “new” Web site is totally under construction and has nothing on it yet, save the title Travel Guy and a picture. I thought I would be able to transfer this blog easily to the Weebly site, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to do that. I changed my web domain to redirect from this blog to that new site, so if you type in http://www.jon-brandt.com now, you will be redirected to that page. Don’t be confused–this is still the Travel Guy Web site. In the meantime, just follow this same page and avoid http://www.jon-brandt.com.

I still want to improve this site and add more features to make it more enjoyable for everyone. I have a little experience with WordPress and know that it has many more options than Blogspot. I have also read that while it’s pretty complicated, you can migrate all of your files from Blogger to WordPress without losing past posts. So in the next few days I’m going to be researching this more and trying to figure out if I can do it without cracking my brain. After all, I’m not a Web designer. If anyone out there has any knowledge of how to do this, I’m all ears. Til then, stay tuned for any updates.


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