Change of Plans on a Chilly Sunday

16 May

Today I was supposed to meet up with Vero and go to the Ecological Reserve. Since the summer we’ve been talking about going there to try a bondiola sandwich, which is a pork chop sandwich. Apparently they’re really good there, and though I’ve wanted to go and try it with her since, her schedule is really tough and we haven’t been able to meet up much on the weekends. If the weather wasn’t very nice a back up plan would be to go to the Ecuadorian restaurant I know in Once, this way she could see what the food was like. Basically, we were just trying to make plans to do something.

But just as I was about to head out to door to meet her she sent me a message that she wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t meet up. I can understand, because after all, she works six days a week and hardly rests. So now with my Sunday afternoon blown, I thought about what I could do. I texted my friend Brian and we agreed to meet in Plaza de Mayo and take it from there. Little did I know that it was a Japanese-Argentine pride parade, and the place was a mad house.

Apparently Argentina has the second largest Japanese expat population in South America outside of Peru. The festivities had something to do with all of the celebrations for the bicentennial which is coming up next week. However, because the population isn’t that large after all, the parade was lead by a number of martial arts kids and geishas who were definitely not of Japanese descent. The parade lasted a little under an hour, and after we struggled against the crowd we headed down Defensa Street to check out the San Telmo fair.

I usually avoid this place simply because it is tourist central, and I don’t really need to go shopping there anyway. We walked through pretty quickly and then headed into a large building with more artisan stalls. I was told that we were going to the famous “apple cake” place, where for $3 pesos you could get a slice of heaven. There were four of us and luckily there were four slices of cake left. I have to admit that it tasted very good, yet wasn’t exactly apple pie.

We continued walking around and I was borderline freezing with the low temperatures and clear blue sky. As the sun was heading down Brian and I simply called it a day, but went to my place to watch the Celtics playoff game on TV. So it wasn’t exactly the day I had in mind, but didn’t let the set back completely throw it to waste. And maybe next week I’ll get that pork chop sandwich.


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