Argentina’s Bicentennial

17 May

We have one week to go until Argentina’s bicentennial is celebrated with a 4-day weekend, and it seems as though most people are mainly excited for the extra time off. In my time here I haven’t seen too much patriotism, and even it terms of the national soccer team there isn’t much confidence. Yet the idea of a couple extra days off really appeals to people. And who can blame them?

I don’t know if I’ll be using that extra time to travel anywhere yet, though I’ll leave the window of possibility open just in case. However, there are some events throughout the city scheduled for those who de remain in Buenos Aires, and in reality the events began at the beginning of the year. Slowly, they have been happening more and more frequently, and over the last week Avenida 9 de Julio has had traffic jams as they set up a monster display by the Obelisk.

The famous Teatro Colón, which has been closed for repairs and renovations over the last 2 years, will reopen this week. If you are going to be visiting and want to get tickets to a show it could be difficult to do so anytime within the next year. A number of other performances or parades will go on, but in general the Argentinians aren’t too big on military displays, and therefore it will hardly be a star spangled event.

Add in the fact that we’re entering late fall and people are shuttering themselves in for a cold winter, which takes away the desire to be outdoors. It kind of makes me wonder why the revolution started this late in the year anyway. It seems to me that revolutions generally begin in the summer when it’s so hot that people react more violently. Statistics show that crime rises in the summer.

I’ll keep updating on the events that take place throughout the next week or so, and inform on what it’s like in a country celebrating 200 years of independence.


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