DNI Update #50…

19 May

Today I went back to the Registro Civil on my lunch break for the 11th time. I went to a different this time, however, located in Recoleta. I was a little nervous about making it back to the office in an hour, especially since it took me 20 minutes just to get there, but my boss knew that I was going and said it was okay. This Registro was much smaller than the other one I have gone to repeatedly, and I quickly went to the back where everyone else was waiting.

I sat down with my number and papers in hand, ready to explain the entire process all over again. In just a couple of minutes I was called up, I handed over my paper, and the woman went to the file cabinet. She immediately came back with the new photocopy of my mom’s birth certificate. It looked exactly like the copy I got in January, only with a new stamp that would keep it valid for 6 months. I was a bit taken aback and asked her if that was all and she said yes. No ID necessary. It might have been the best experience I’ve had at the Registro yet.

I even had time to get back to the office in an hour. The next step is to receive the new copy of my birth certificate which was ordered from New York state. The copy was sent to my parents home in Massachusetts, but then we found out that it needs a Hague Apostile, legalizing it as an international document. So the birth certificate has been sent off to the agency that does that, and it will then be sent to me here in Buenos Aires. Once I have it, I need to get it translated into Spanish by a licensed translator.

This process was undertaken over a year ago in order to get my inscription in the first place, but that original copy will always stay in the Consulate in New York, and I can only get photocopies. For some reason we can’t find the birth certificate copy with the Apostile. But even with these progresses, it’s not completely solid yet.

I’ve been in touch with the Consulate General for Argentina in New York over the last week or so, trying to figure out what to do. This helpful woman has been in communication with my mom in the past when she first started to arrange all of the papers for me. Just yesterday she sent me an email saying that my papers for inscription, which should have been useful in Guayaquil, won’t do me any good in Buenos Aires. Apparently, I need to do the inscription again. I don’t understand this part at all, especially since I’m already inscribed as a citizen of Argentina in the Consulate in New York. So why would those papers be of no use now? Especially since the last visit to the Registro didn’t reveal that those papers were invalid.

This will require more investigation, time, and as always, patience. In the meantime, I have made a back up appointment at the Registro for the end of June, and might have to make a couple of more throughout the winter just to be safe. We’re hardly there yet.


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