Argentina’s Bicentennial Events–Translated

21 May

Here’s a list of what will be going on this weekend in Buenos Aires, translated by yours truly.

Argentina’s Bicentennial

Starting at 6 pm on May 21st and lasting until May 25th, Argentinians will be able to enjoy the Bicentennial Walk, an open air federal space where they will be commemorating 200 years of the May Revolution, together with all of the provinces and invited countries, many of which are also celebrating their bicentennials.

Even though the commemoration has been going on all throughout 2010 all over the country, this event will be the only one where you’ll find representatives of the provinces and invited countries. The object is to reflect on a federal nation, plural and participative, with a set look on the Latin American continent and in the assessment of important national topics.

The Walk will be located around the entire width of Avenida 9 de Julio, from Belgrano to Corrientes, where they’ll show important national topics. The entire area will be corollary to symbolize the length of Argentina from north to south.

In the “Provincial Fair” each one will highlight their identity and that which distinguishes it, such as their craftwork, culinary arts or natural beauty. All of them will have participation in: their provincial space, in the gastronomic space, in the federal parade (May 22nd), and in the artistic shows (there are three stages prepared to that end).

There will be a special place for the so-called “25th Province” composed of the million and a half Argentinians living abroad and for the “Province of the Future,” a space that proposes active participation and reflection of children, from recreational suggestions in turn to the value of the men and women who forged the country’s history.

Inside the Provincial Fair there will be a stand symbolizing the Nation, one of the organizer of the festivities, and another of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, seat of the May Revolution of 1810.

The participating states such as the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Haiti, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Italy, France, Spain, Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Bolivia will also come with a place, offering artistic shows and participating in the Integration Parade, which will take place on May 23rd.

In addition to the Provincial Fair, there will be “Thematic Relays,” interaction spaces with people dedicated to the discussion and reflection of important topics such as: Work & Production, Human Rights, Culture, The Environment, Education, The Youth, and Science & Technology. Each one will have an activity agenda, between those which include debate forums and talks, organized by the ministry in question and all involved organisms on the matter.

Meanwhile, the six “Thematic Doors,” important porches which will function as doors to the entrance of the Walk, will be hosted by artists to symbolize the access to history, the Bicentennial, Argentine life, and they will deal with Human Rights, Identity, Work, Culture, Democracy and its Institutions. Antonio Seguí, G.A.C, Mondongo, Marcos López, Graciela Sacco and León Ferrari are the artists who are taking part.

“Flavor Walk,” composed of 24 provincial modules, 24 for the communities and 24 for the social organizations, will also be inside the structure. There, each province and each community will be able to market their native and traditional culinary products such as preserves, deli, sweets, traditional dishes, oils, liquors, etc.

At the same time, in the social organization modules the members of the Plan for Local Development and Social Economy “Hands to Work” from the Ministry of Social Development will participate. These agencies were created to promote social inclusion through the consolidation of employment and participation in communal spaces.

The general artistic programming will be comprehensive and will take place in three different settings during the five days that the Bicentennial Walk remains open. From folklore to tango, from humor to dance, music to film, Argentinian rock from its origins and big shows with national and international artists.

Chronology of Activities

Friday, May 21st

8 pm: Tribute to 40 years of national rock, with Luis Alberto Spinetta, Moris, Fito Páez and León Gieco, among others. Lito Nebbia will officiate as Master of Ceremonies.

Saturday, May 22nd

12 pm: Military parade, complete with the participation of regimental bands, mounted squadrons, historical units of the Army with period uniforms and the squadron flags.

3 pm: Federal parade. Each province will participate with representative street performances. Jujuy will march with a herd of llamas; for Santiago del Estero, there will be gauchos on horseback, and Córdoba will present cuarteto (typical music from Córdoba) groups, among other attractions. The parade will run from Belgrano to Corrientes.

8 pm: Latin American music recital. It will be conducted by León Gieco and Jaime Roos, Gilberto Gil, and Colombian singer Toto la Momposina will participate. Waiting to confirm are: Rubén Blades and Pablo Milanés.

Sunday, May 23rd

12 pm: Integration Parade. The invited communities and countries will participate as representatives of the fraternal union between nations and the integration of Argentina with Latin America and the world.

8 pm: Tango and folklore show. Soledad Pastorutti and Gustavo Santaolalla will perform. Victor Heredia, Teresa Parodi, Liliana Herrero and Peteco Carabajal will play. There will be tango orchestras and dancing shows.

Monday, May 24th

3 pm: Antique car and motorcycle parade. It will run from Belgrano to Corrientes.

4 pm: The going away game for the Argentinian national soccer team against the Canadian national team will be aired on giant screens located at the three settings and the National and City of Buenos Aires stand. Ciro Martínez, from Los Piojos, will sing the national anthem.

6 pm: Performance by Fito Páez.

8 pm: Show in tribute to Argentinian cinema. The National Symphonic Orchestra will perform soundtracks.

Tuesday, May 25th

7 pm: May Parade. This will be the central event, a proposal that combines tradition and innovation with the combination of artistic collectives, art groups, musicians, set designers and designers. More than 2,000 artists will participate in the central parade which will begin in Plaza de Mayo and finish at Avenida 9 de Julio. During these, thematic acts will narrate the country’s history. It consists of 19 scenes which narrate a tour of 200 years of history which is commemorated on this date, with an impressive set display. It’s not about a chronological tale but the production of general concepts. The diverse acts will show the history of immigration, the advance of national industry and the concept of sovereignty among others. The artistic aspect of the May Parade will be run by Diqui James. It will be a historic, artistic show of avant guarde aesthetics and high technological development.

8 pm: Closing ceremony with Fito Páez. Páez will sing the hymn 200 Personalities, among musicians, athletes and actors. The show will finish with fireworks.

Other Attractions

On Avenida 9 de Julio between Belgrano and Venezuela, the Province of Buenos Aires will present antique locomotives: La Porteña and La Patria. On the 25th at 2 pm there will be a show with about 80 cars from Turismo Carretera. It symbolically starts at the Obelisk.

Secondary settings: at the intersections of 9 de Julio with Alsina and Bartolomé Mitre.

On Saturday and Sunday from 5 pm, Monday from 6 pm and Tuesday from 1 pm to 5 pm each province, invited country, and different community in Argentina will demonstrate diverse shows. Abel Pintos, the Tekis and Juan Falú  will perform among others. Mendoza will do a recreation of the Vendimia Festival.


There will be six spaces dedicated to themes like Science and Technology, Youth and Education, the Environment, Culture, Human Rights, and Production. In each one there will be discussions and forums for debate organized by the national ministries and non-governmental organisms.


There will be three porches in the principal entrances of the Walk put together by different artists.

The entrance at Avenida Corrientes was directed by Marcos López and the GAC group.

The entrance at Avenida de Mayo was arranged by Graciela Sacco and León Ferrari.

The door at Belgrano was made by the Mondongo group.

Provincial Fair

Each province will have a stand which will show its history, its artistic productions, its natural attractions and everything that it represents. There will be a stall for Argentinians abroad, the so-called “25th Province,” another dedicated to kids, and additionally, a stand shared by the Nation and the City of Buenos Aires.

Culinary Walk

Along the avenue there will be 72 stalls set up with food distributed among all of the provinces, social organizations and different communities (Italian, Russian, Japanese, Jewish and Bolivian, among others). They will sell traditional dishes, preserves and liquors. Furthermore, members of the social plan “Hands to Work” will participate.

Show of Invited Countries

Four buildings with stands of countries like Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, France and Italy. There will also be a stall for the Iberoamerican Secretary General (Segib).


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  1. Ian March 9, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    The celebration of indepenence througout Latin Anerica continues. Paraguay is celebrating its Bicentenial in May.

    Paraguay Bicentennial Calender of Events

  2. Casas Paso de la patria October 21, 2011 at 9:20 pm #

    si queres podes ver casas para alquilar en paso de la patria una villa turistica hermosa

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