Delays on Moving Out

7 Jun

Things are never set in stone. Remember that. Word came from my real estate agent that the owners would give me back a portion of the rent if I moved out early, so I began to look, found the new place, and told them well in advance that I’d be out a month early. I gave my new landlord a date of arrival, scheduled for this Friday, and even dropped off a couple of bags on Saturday to make the transition easier. I’ve stopped buying food and things for the apartment I’m currently in to prepare for the switch.

But I couldn’t get confirmation from the real estate guy. I told him I needed to be sure that Friday was the move out day for obvious reasons. Then he said that the owners need to have someone renting in order to give back a month’s rent. Even with that in mind, they aren’t going to give back the deposit, which I would assume should be fair enough if they would willingly return a month’s rent for when I’m not there. After all, that’s the point of paying a month’s rent.

However, it’s not in the contract, and these owners, despite buttering themselves as such generous people, are not willing to help me out a bit. So after asking Vero to help explain what all of the emails meant exactly, I realized that I’m most likely not going to be moving to my new apartment this week. Unless they somehow finalize a deal this week, I’m going to stay until the contract ends or someone moves in. It’s sort of complicated though.

The contract ends on July 11th, so at the very least, that will be the last day I will live in Palermo. But if someone signs a lease before then, I have to move out, and I assume they will give me back a portion of the rent from the month that I’m no longer there. At least I hope so anyway. Yet this could come rather suddenly, even though I’ve been promised that they’ll give me sufficient time to move out, not just a few hours notice.

I called my new landlord to explain the situation and she said that it’s okay, and I can even leave my things there as long as no one comes in to rent the room during the time in between. In the event that someone does show up for a few weeks, I’ll have to come pick my things up. But she understood that there’s no way I could pay for two apartments at the same time when I can’t even afford one. The idea of that is just preposterous.

But this now means that I feel like I’m living out of a suitcase until I get settled again. I’ve already packed away most of my things and will in fact have to go to the new apartment at the end of the week to pick some things up, simply because I sent most of my things along in advance. I can’t buy too many groceries because I don’t want to have too many perishables in the apartment with just a day or two until moving. That means I’ll probably have to a. eat less for a few days or weeks or b. buy out more often, neither of which I’m looking forward to. It’s just aggravating not really knowing when I’m going to be moving out. It leaves too much up in the air, especially as I deal with more burden with the DNI appointments coming up this month. Now that I have my birth certificate and Hague Apostille, I need to get them translated into Spanish, though finding a public translator here is a bit confusing, and I need to get it all done very quickly, as the next turn I have is June 16th. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath.


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