Translating and World Cup Deportations

8 Jun

Some progress was made with the translator issue today. I was able to contact someone listed as a public translator and they quickly replied to me. Though the price listed was high ($184 pesos), I’m not in much of a position to negotiate, so I spent my lunch break walking down near the Registro Civil to drop off my birth certificate and Apostille. As soon as I checked my email again, however, I saw that a second translator I contacted responded with an even lower price ($114 pesos). But oh well, there’s hardly anything I can do about it now. The translation will be ready on Monday.

The big deal this morning was the news that part of the Argentinian soccer hooligans sent to South Africa to root on the team have been deported. Apparently about 80 were sent and maybe 15 were immediately deported upon arriving in South Africa. Though they weren’t even supposed to be allowed out of the country because they are criminals and have cases pending, they somehow got through customs. Once airborne, they were supposedly causing trouble on the plane, which caused the pilot to alert airport security once they landed.

Not only that, but some of these hooligans didn’t even have tickets to the games and were merely there as “support.” It’s an embarrassing situation for Argentina, and when talking with some people today they seemed genuinely disappointed in their fellow countrymen. It’s a stain on the World Cup which hasn’t even begun yet. The festivities, which kick off on Thursday, are drawing excitement here even though most people don’t have much faith.

In the office there has been talk about how we could watch games while working, and kicking around random things on the ground has increased steadily. Sometimes people ask me who I will cheer for, the U.S. or Argentina. I always say I’ll root for both, and if they somehow wind up playing each other I’ll take it from there.


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