Soccer and Basketball in BA

18 Jun

It’s been a tiring couple of days, but I can’t just blame it on the Registro Civil. Yesterday was a big sports day for me, starting with the Argentina vs. South Korea World Cup game. The match aired in Buenos Aires at 8:30 am, which meant that I had to get up an hour earlier than normal. Our office was invited along with other travel agencies in the city to watch the game at the Four Seasons Hotel in Recoleta. Obviously when World Cup soccer is on, it takes a priority over most things. The plan was to meet up with a few co-workers at the subway stop before walking over to the hotel, and even though I got my Argentinian citizenship a day earlier, I’m still an American and showed up before anyone else.

As usual, people were late, and when we finally walked into the hotel’s function room, the game had already started. Luckily we didn’t miss anything, and were also given free Argentina soccer team hats. The room was dark with a big projection screen, couches and tables set up. A nice breakfast spread was out too, but we couldn’t get to it until halftime because the most important thing was watching the game.

The game was exciting, with Argentina striking hard and winning 4-1. Each time they scored the room erupted and people blew horns, popped balloons, and jumped around. The tension and ultimate joy there was incredible to witness—the kind of thing I’ve always wondered about. To actually be in a country that cares about soccer during the World Cup, while their team plays, is really a gift to be a part of. Each time they scored I too was excited and happy, but not just because I knew that it’s better to be on the winning side. I found myself, like I was in during the 2006 World Cup, really swept up and invested in the team.

The rest of the day went by nicely as everyone in the city seemed to be in a good mood. Aside from the fireworks going off and honking horns, it was calm and respectable as people still had to work. Later at night it was back to American sports with game 7 of the NBA Finals. I was already exhausted and fought hard to stay awake, but it was really a terrible game. Added to that the way it seemed to drag on in the second half, I just couldn’t stay awake and went to bed in the middle of the fourth quarter. Just as well I suppose since the Celtics lost anyway.

So again I find myself tired, though I found out some surprising news this morning. Monday is a holiday in honor of the creation of the flag, so at the very least I’ll be able to rest up a bit, even if it winds up being a boring weekend.


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