Get Out of My Apartment Now!

28 Jun

Well it’s not nearly that serious, but hey, had to drag you in with a catchy title, right? This morning came the news from my friendly real estate agent, Santiago, that they had found a new renter and I could leave when I wanted. The contract is set to expire on July 11th, but if I leave early the owners would give me back the remaining amount of rent which I already paid. Shortly after confirming with Santiago that I’d be out on the 1st of the month (Thursday) and calling my new apartment owner to make sure I could show up on the 30th, Santiago called back to discuss options.

In place of giving back the 11 days worth of rent (roughly $880 pesos) they were simply going to give back the deposit in full (1 month rent). I don’t feel like spilling how much I pay, but if you have a calculator you could figure it out anyway, so it’d be $2,400 pesos. I went with Door #2. However, this leaves me with little time to pack my life together again and get the hell out of dodge. Though I’ve already moved a good portion of my stuff, I’m not there yet. It’s amazing how much junk you can fit into a backpack and suitcase when you live abroad, and this is the 4th time I’m moving now since living in Argentina alone, not even counting Ecuador.

Though it’s mostly clothing, it takes up space and time. Argentina legally gives you two days off of work when you move houses, but I’m not even sure what my status is here (don’t forget that my citizenship went through a couple of weeks ago). But without papers and getting paid under the table, I’m not going to scream for worker’s rights if they don’t let me get a day off. All I really need is permission to be a couple of hours late anyway. I’m not trying to abuse the system, and I just might be the only shmuck in the whole country, unfortunately.

Tonight I started by finishing off the last of the food I have in the house, making some nice chicken parm cutlets and sauteed onions and red peppers. Next I threw some clothes in my over-sized backpack, hoping to avoid bringing the bed bugs which have been plaguing me for the last few weeks. Yep, I forgot to mentions those guys for a while now. My old arch nemesis from Ecuador seems to have followed me to Buenos Aires, and I have no idea how they got my address seeing as how I’m unlisted. It’s a nightly struggle, waking up to find new bites. I brought the majority of my clothes to the cleaners in the hopes of drowning them away.

I took some time to talk with my friendly old neighbor Ana, who I promised to have coffee with on Friday night after handing over the keys and doing the check-out with the owners. She swears that I’m the best neighbor around, never making a sound and all, and that it’s a shame I’m leaving so soon. But I’ll be back someday. I have to come back because my DNI is going to be sent here in six months to a year or whenever it might arrive. Plus, a package of mine is lost somewhere in the black hole of the Argentine postal service, and maybe that too will someday surface.

So it’s finally come to this. After six months of living in Palermo, taking advantage of the parks during the summer and fall, and the new experience of living alone, I’m on the move again. It’s a shame, but you do what you can, and though it was a failed experiment in living alone, it taught me a lot at the very least. When I arrived I lived in La Boca for one month. I then lived in the Microcentro for four months. Then six months in Palermo. I keep increasing in time stayed. Next is Recoleta, and I’m so sick of moving. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for 11 months.


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