Recoleta + 1

30 Jun

Well, I no longer live in Palermo. This morning I took a couple of hours off to pack up the rest of my stuff and head over to Recoleta. It wasn’t totally easy, even though I’d already moved some of my things a few weeks back. I had my giant backpack filled to the top, my smaller laptop backpack on my stomach, and two giant bags in each arm as I awkwardly bumped through the doorframe and into the narrow elevator. Then I waited by the corner for a minute until a cab picked me up.

The cabbie thought I was a backpacker and expected to take me to the airport, so he was surprised when we started talking and I told him where we were headed. Slowly he opened up and told me that he was originally from Córdoba, and once he realized that I too liked the Boca Juniors, it was like we were old friends. I couldn’t have picked a better day to move, with the temperature getting into the 60’s and a bright blue sky, so that as he left me in front of my new home I was starting to sweat under my jacket and baggage.

At the new apartment I could only drop my bags off and look at the mess, wondering where to begin. I could have taken the whole morning to fix it up, but I didn’t want to get to work too late. Even though Argentine law allows two days off for moves, I only asked for and wanted a few hours from one morning. I’d rather not take advantage of the system and hope that one day if I really am sick those days will be there for me without question. With so much clothing and other things I’ve acquired (limited though they are) my new tiny room simply can’t fit it all. I need to find a way to put the rest of my things away in a place where I can easily get to them, which will no doubt take me a few days to do.

I’ve still got that bed bud problem that I just mentioned in the last post, but had done my laundry just before leaving Palermo. I took the remaining “dirty” clothes and prepared them for the Laundromat here. The last thing I want to do is bring the bugs with me. After emptying the big backpack and arranging some things in the kitchen I decided to get to the office and take care of the rest later. Only an hour into my Recoleta life and the first price increase smacked me in the face. I dropped off the laundry, not even a full bag, and they told me it would cost $34 pesos, $17 per load. In the Microcentro I used to pay $18, and in Palermo I paid $20 until recently the price rose to $22. So it’s a huge hike, even without inflation considered. This is just the beginning of these kinds of changes.

With the beautiful day I took advantage of my ability to walk to work again and wove through Recoleta quickly, getting hot under the leather jacket. I made it a short walk, passing by embassies and beautiful Parisian-style architecture, and it really felt like spring. Like a new start, to get cliché for just a moment. So tonight I’ll pick up my laundry, square away the rest of my room, and maybe even buy some food so I can eat dinner. If time permits I’ll try to get to know my new roommates and begin the next chapter in my Buenos Aires experience.


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