A Much Needed Long Weekend

10 Jul

It’s been a really good long weekend so far, and it’s only Saturday. Mingling with the new roommates has been good and for the first time in a long time I don’t feel like I’m completely alone in the city. Though I didn’t want to get friendly with short-term expats for a long time, I’m finally starting to get into that groove. The reason I never wanted to is because they leave so quickly that just as you’ve started a nice friendship, they leave. But the difference is that because they are visiting this place like newcomers, they are really eager to meet people as well and get out to do things.

Last night I went out for dinner and drinks at a bar called Sugar in Palermo Soho. I’d heard about this place before, but it was touted as a big expat bar, which didn’t appeal to me. But I was surprised to see that it was a pretty local scene and we seemed to be the only foreigners. We ordered spicy chicken wings and I’ll be damned if they weren’t real spicy chicken wings. The first time I’ve had wings in almost a year and it was absolutely delicious. They also had a happy hour of $7 cocktails until midnight, so we stayed for a couple of rounds before calling it an “early” night at 2 am.

Today I’m headed back up to Palermo to visit my old neighbor who is kindly helping me with my mail problem. Her friend works in the post office and gave her some advice as to why my package never arrived (which is stuck at customs in the port), and fortunately she can go pick it up on my behalf. The downside is I have to give her my passport to do so, which makes me uncomfortable. But I lack options because I’ll never be able to go down there personally with their hours and my work schedule. It’s like the Registro Civil, but worse. Tomorrow I think I’ll try to make empanadas again.


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