A Nice Fernet, Please

29 Jul

Last night I decided to have a Fernet and cola, a standard and popular cocktail in Argentina. One soon turned into three, and I’m really not surprised why. Though it has an odd taste the first time you try it, most people soon fall in love with the drink which is quite strong. A general way to prepare it is by pouring two fingers worth of Fernet, a couple of cubes of ice, and filling the rest of the glass with Coke (I’ve never seen Pepsi used). Why is it that Fernet is such a great drink?


There’s a definite taste of something bitter, but just about everything else in their is a mystery. The myth is that the company, based out of Italy, is owned by three men. They are the only people in the world who know the recipe, and if any one of them is flying at one time, the others must be on the ground so that the recipe is not lost. The drink is also popular in Italy, though it is heavily consumed in Argentina with Coke.

Sitting down with a nice glass of Fernet, you soon forget about whatever was bothering you, or feel much better about your day. A quick warm rush goes through you as the cool, foamy liquid goes down your throat. Fernet is a standard drink, but many travelers to Argentina never try it. I’ll admit, it does take a few attempts to really get into it, but once you are in, you know that it is well worth it wait. Anytime I have a guest here I insist that they try it, and they are never disappointed. It definitely gives a good whiskey and coke its run for the money.

The only problem is when you find yourself out of cola…


2 Responses to “A Nice Fernet, Please”

  1. Pepi July 30, 2010 at 11:13 am #

    It is not taken with Pepsi because it doesn’t taste the same! Any Fernet fan will tell you: the only possible combination to get the genuine taste is Branca + Coca Cola…

    Have you tried the less-consumed option of Branca? The green-coloured Mint Branca with 7up…That’s also very good and not as bitter.

    • Jon July 31, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

      I haven’t tried it with Pepsi either, and I wouldn’t want to ruin a good Fernet, though a friend has said it’s good with Coke Light too. I’m not sure.

      I haven’t tried it with 7up either. I’ve never heard of it before.

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