Visiting Buenos Aires in the Winter?..My Recommendations

4 Aug

Buenos Aires is generally more heavily visited in the summer, which goes without saying. Any destination without skiing as a main draw will be less visited in colder months. Though Buenos Aires maintains a fairly mild climate, people tell me it’s been getting colder over the last few years. Snow, while rare, is not unheard of. But still, even while temperatures don’t dip too far below 0 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit), it can be a windy and uninviting place between June and August.

I’ve said all along that this city is meant for the sun. With overcast skies it is depressing and drab, and the run down buildings really show their colors under bad conditions. But once the sun is out, Buenos Aires can be a really nice place. Fortunately, the winter is mostly dry, and clear skies are common. Yet if you find yourself here and don’t know what to do in July or August, when it’s really uncomfortable to be outside, here’s what I recommend doing.

There are a number of good museums in the city worth exploring, such as the MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art Buenos Aires) or the Evita Museum. The Museum of Fine Art is free, but in my opinion this museum is rather dull. There’s also Fundación Proa in La Boca or the Fortabat Collection in Puerto Madero. There are also a bunch of other, smaller museums sprinkled throughout the city, some more interesting than the others.

In August the city hosts the International Tango Festival, and throughout the month you can see a number of performances, with the big finale taking place at Luna Park, a large arena down by Puerto Madero. If that’s not enough, there are always the dozens of tango clubs and milongas throughout the city.

Here’s where I’m going to stop, and I’m sorry. The reason is that it’s the winter, and there just isn’t much else worth doing, at least in my opinion. It’s cold, windy by the river, and generally unpleasant. The real recommendation comes in that you visit during warmer months, which fortunately are most of the year. Still, take comfort in that enough goes on in Buenos Aires throughout the year that you can keep busy no matter what. You just need to bundle up well in the cold season.


2 Responses to “Visiting Buenos Aires in the Winter?..My Recommendations”

  1. Joe August 5, 2010 at 4:37 pm #

    You give us a really good recommendations for the end of winter season, but I believe there are some other things that you can do in this days,like go to watch some football in La Bombonera or El monumental stadiums, also watch some tango shows or explore the tradition of the Gauchos and the history of the birth of Argentina. I strongly recommend the last one because I’ve been there and its a completely different and magical experience,I went with, with whom also made other very interesting activities.

    • Jon August 5, 2010 at 8:35 pm #

      Thanks Joe. There’s always something to do in Buenos Aires, for sure.

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