Ecuador Invades Argentina (Figuratively)

16 Aug

I’ve been busy throughout this holiday weekend, as my friend Jhenifer from Cuenca, Ecuador, has finally arrived with two friends. The three were on a backpacking dream trip from Ecuador to Argentina, and once they got in early in the morning on Saturday, we started getting through hugs and catching up, and down to business. That entailed spending a couple of hours at the hair saloon, followed by shopping on Avenida Santa Fe for a few hours in the cold cold of Buenos Aires’ winter. Not exactly what I had imagined as the first day in the city. But after backpacking and 30 hour buses, the girls were ready to freshen up.

We went out to a club on Saturday night and by chance they played all of the classics from Ecuador–salsa, cumbia, bachata, merengue. It was more like a club in Ecuador than in Argentina, and the girls really enjoyed it, so much so that we got back late and our plans to wake up early and head to Tigre were scrapped. Instead, we went to the Japanese Gardens, followed by a visit to an old Ecuadorian friend on the edge of the city. Later last night, Jhenifer and I made a nice traditional Ecuadorian dish of meat and rice while the other girls went off to meet up with cousins who are living here.

Today we were supposed to head to Tigre, but woke up to find that there was flooding throughout the weekend, so now the new plan is a small city tour of the center, San Telmo, and Puerto Madero. Off we go again. Photos to follow eventually.


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