Uncorked with Travel Guy: A New Series on Anuva Wines

1 Sep

Anuva Wine Tasting

If you recall back to April, I wrote an article for Argentina’s Travel Guide on a review of a wine tasting I attended with Daniel Karlin of Anuva Wines in the Las Cañitas neighborhood of Buenos Aires. I also wrote a blog post about it here. If you look to the right side of the screen you’ll also see an advertisement for Anuva wine tastings, which I promote because I honestly believe it’s a good product and thoroughly enjoyed the experience myself. (Just to refresh you on that, Anuva offers private premium wine tastings at Daniel’s residence for U$40, including food pairings). Ok, so now that the plug is out of the way, here’s the deal:

Daniel had a nice idea recently which involves my own review of the various labels they offer. Warning: There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your assignment. I’m starting a new series here that will begin this weekend when I sample the first bottle, which I’ve actually had since he gave it to me back in April. I’m calling the series “Uncorked with Travel Guy,” in lieu of something more catchy. So here are the ground rules for this new project:

  • All of the reviews are real. Yes, I am receiving bottles of wine to sample, but receiving them does not mean that everything will be a glowing review. No two bottles of wine are alike, and my opinion alone does not mean that one bottle is the best ever and another is garbage sauce. I’m also not a sommelier, in case there was any confusion on that. However, I am a trained appreciator of wine through personal experience, and after living in Buenos Aires for a year, I’ve tried many good and many not so good bottles. In other words, I know my way around a cheap box of wine just like I can recognize and describe what makes a premium wine worthwhile.
  • I’m going to be including a couple of photos of each bottle for your own familiarization, and try to include short videos as well. My thinking is to record my first sip so that you can see a genuine first reaction. If I look happy it’s a good thing. A sour face might mean it’s a pass. I also want to include a final thought though, because often times your opinion on a drink changes after you’re a couple deep. Likewise, many good wines open up and change after several minutes.
  • I’m going to experiment with pairing different foods, music, times of day, etc. The goal isn’t to revolutionize wine tasting, but just to cover all of my bases. I take drinking seriously.
  • With all of the reviews I’ll be including relevant information on the bottles and wineries, as well as information on how you can get your own bottle if you’re interested. As always, I encourage feedback and would love to know how it worked out for you.

This weekend I plan on starting the first wine of the series, a 2008 San Gimignano Malbec, which has been “aging” on its side for four months since I received it. So stay tuned for what will no doubt be a delicious and entertaining look into Argentinian wine.


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