Uncorked with Travel Guy, Part 1: Anuva Wine Tasting

5 Sep

Wine Tasting, Through the Looking Glass

As a way to kick off this new series on Anuva Wines and their catalog, I was invited back for another wine tasting last night at their new tasting room in the Rendez Vous Hotel in Palermo Hollywood. Last April when I went for a tasting at the owner’s house in Las Cañitas, I was really charmed by the neighborhood and personal setting of an actual house. Yet no part of the charm or personal service was lost at the Rendez Vous Hotel, which is a small boutique hotel that sticks out into the sky over the low houses in the residential neighborhood where chic restaurants and bars sit next to tree-lined streets. With a quiet and fashionable setting, the wine tasting found its new and appropriate home.

Food pairings

This time, instead of Dan giving the tasting, we were led by Sarah and Koko, both Americans who live here in Buenos Aires and have joined the Anuva team. Young and enthusiastic, my three fellow wine tasters enjoyed the laid back conversations and recommendations on cool bars and restaurants. As always, wine was a central theme in the talks, but just as important were the options for pairing the wine. The mother-of-all-empanadas, sorbet which really brought out the flavor of the Torrontés, and other delicious nibbles which quickly caused my large and crowded plate to be empty and clean. At the risk of looking like a fat kid at a buffet, I ate it all.

I was really pleased that we tried different wines this time, immediately alerting me to the fact that it’s 1. not just a script tasting, and 2. there are numerous reasons to do this tasting a second or third time. The sad truth is that there are thousands of great drinks out there, and in order to find your favorite, you just might have to roll up your sleeves and take on the tough assignment of doing some “research.” At the last tasting, my favorite was the San Gimignano 2008 Malbec, and this time we tried the San Gimignano 2007 Syrah, again striking a special chord with me. But I didn’t want to lean too much on the San Gimi because later in the evening my plan was to do my own wine tasting with my bottle for Part 2 of Uncorked (coming soon).

Wine tasting

Also impressive were the Bonarda and Callejon Del Crimen Sangiovese, which paired well with chocolate from Ecuador and the Ivory Coast. At the end of it all, we sampled six wines paired with their appropriate food. Looking at my cell phone clock I expected to see that we were there for an hour, but it was more like two. Time flew by as we enjoyed the conversation, and it was time to take off for home, where I had my second wine tasting of the night waiting. This, of course, is my lead in to Part 2, a wine review on the San Gimignano 2008 Malbec, which will come shortly. Check in soon for photos and video of the taste test!

Sweet, sweet wine


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