Gimme Fiction

19 Sep

I always say I’m a writer, and whether or not I have 10 book published or simply update this blog frequently and strive to publish a random article once in a while, I guess it’s true. Even without having your name in print, the attempt at being one has to still make you one. Even a lousy painter who never sells anything in their lifetime is still a painter. Receiving money for your work doesn’t make you a professional. But calling myself a writer comes with certain responsibilities, like the actual act of writing or trying to publish something. I always have some excuse for why I’m not working on a project, whether it be too much work or trying to have a good time thereafter, etc. But the truth is that after a long day of sitting in front of a computer writing, it’s hard to do so again once home. When I do get the motivation to write I try to focus on the blog and possible freelance opportunities, if they should arise.

This weekend I didn’t do too much to drain me. I took it easy on Friday night after a long week and slept well. Saturday was spent well in Palermo, and though I wanted to go out and do something at night, I wound up staying in after finding nothing to do. I even took a preemptive nap, helping me rest up further. This morning, though feeling lazy, I went for the first run in a week and could see that a beautiful day would be horribly wasted in doors writing.

Before getting out of bed this morning, I caught up on reading a rough draft of a short story my friend Justin Beturney has been working on for a while. Justin was teaching English in Taiwan for the last two years, and now that he’s back home he has time to focus on some writing again. His blog, which I’ve listed in the blogroll, is The Formosa Volta. His writing is really introspective and borrows from some of my favorite writers like Hemingway, Thompson, and Kerouac. The vignettes are poignant and can be understood by many audiences.

After reading his short story this morning, it got my juices flowing again on fiction, and I’m now hoping to get back into writing more often. Writing is a process, and you don’t often just write something on the fly and go with it. If you do, it’s probably not going to be very good, unless you hit it lucky or are an extremely talented writer. You have to be open to criticism and editing while also taking that with a grain of salt. Your words are your words, and you shouldn’t change an entire story just because someone else has doubts. But I digress.

Unfortunately, creative writing is not something you can easily do between the hours of 7-9 pm after work. You have to let creativity come naturally or the story is thin and weak. That means that sometimes you have to wait for a good idea, whether that means hours or weeks. It also means that sometimes if you wake up after a dream at 3 am, you have to write that story immediately before you lose it. I’ve had occasions where I thought of something great but waited too long, and the depth of the story was gone. Or it was merely a watered down version of what I had before, no where near the quality I was expecting.

The point of this is that while I’m still going to be working on this blog consistently, I’m also going to start trying my hand at more fiction writing. So while I won’t say posts will be less consistent, I will say that I’ll have to split my energies when possible. But don’t worry, that shouldn’t affect the quality of this blog at all. If anything, the styles might simply work off of each other, without blemishing facts, obviously.


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