The Most Confusing Introduction Ever

24 Sep

Because my name in Spanish is pronounced as Jhon or closer to Shoan and Yo in Argentina is pronounced as Jho or Shoh, I usually can’t tell if someone is calling me or talking about themselves. It really messes with me and half the time I look up for no reason or ignore someone trying to get my attention. This makes life difficult sometimes.

On Wednesday I went out for some after hours drinks with my buddy Thom and met a few of his friends, including some new faces. As a basic rule, I greet everyone in Spanish first unless I’ve heard them speaking English. Here’s how my conversation with a new friend went:

Me: Hola, Soy Jhon.


Me: Jhon.


Me: No, no Sean, Jhon.

-No, I’m Sean.

Me: Oh, you’re Irish? I’m Jon.

-Right. That was kind of confusing.


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