Wall Street 2, A Quick Review

26 Sep

Yesterday was sort of a waste of a day due to a miserable hangover. I mostly bummed around in bed until 3ish and finally worked up the strength to go for a 10 minute run. Then I settled down to sit in the park across the street, drink some mate and do a little writing in my journal. With no plans on going back out to drink, I instead asked my roommates if they’d like to go see Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. I’d only seen the first Wall Street when I was a senior in high school, when my Economics teacher tried to present the topic matter in a fun way. I really enjoyed the movie but never watched it again, yet the advertising got me to, and seeing Gordon Gekko getting out of jail and receiving his enormous cell phone made me smile. I had to see this flick.

We headed down to the Microcentro after 10 pm, and though I was expecting the usual awful atmosphere that the center brings on the weekend, especially on Calle Lavalle, everyone seemed to be on the best behavior. We sat down in the theater just before the previews started. The movie was interesting if not admittedly filled with jargon from the banking and economic world. I find this field confusing, as numbers have never been my thing, but still makes me wonder what it’d be like to work on Wall Street and have that kind of life. A paycheck with so many zeros and the fast track, etc.

A short, if not forced cameo by Charlie Sheen lightened the mood a bit, though Gordon Gekko’s character, played by Michael Douglas seemed too remorseful, that is of course until “zee plot sickened.” I won’t give away any juicy details, but I will say that the ending was a bit of a disappointment, especially since the first movie ended so justly and fittingly. This ending was more of a Hollywood over-the-top, everyone lives happily-ever-after lovefest. That and the fact that the Talking Heads were the fade out music for an oddly designed end credit sequence. In the end, I’d say it was worth a watch, but maybe save your money and see it when it comes out on TV or DVD.

My vote: 6/10.


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