A New Media Forum in Buenos Aires

2 Oct

Recently I was passed some information from Dan over at Anuva Wines about a new project on that he’s working on with a local friend here in Buenos Aires. While some details still need to be worked out before an official release is given, the gist is that a radio show called BA Cast will feature Dan, an expat from the U.S., and his friend from Buenos Aires. Together they will be debating and arguing about the little subtleties of life in Argentina. Here’s what Dan told me about it:

BA Cast pits an American expat, Dan Karlin, against an Argentine local, Fernando Farias to discuss and debate culture, humor, politics, translations and much more. Film tv, and music references within a multi-cultural, multi-lingual podcast will be brought to you by this Argentine/American duo of pranksters. While mostly in English, the show also relies heavily on the duo’s bilingual and bicultural experience (both either are or have been expats for years) to converse about, and make fun of the unique experience of expat/local interaction in Buenos Aires.

Here’s a short trailer on the upcoming project.

I think this new program will give a good insight into the country and city, and anyone interested in visiting or living in Buenos Aires would at the very least get a kick out of it. I’ll keep you updated on when the release date becomes available.


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