Preparing for the Trip to Chile

5 Oct

Santiago, Chile

On Friday afternoon I’ll be leaving Buenos Aires (*hopefully) for the first time since January, and leaving the country for the first time in almost a year. I’m heading to Santiago, Chile for the long weekend to visit a friend and stay with her family. *The reason I say hopefully is because there’s still some doubt on my passport situation. The thing is, I entered Argentina on October 16th for the last time, so the 90 day stamp in my U.S. passport has long since expired. But the reason I never left again or got the stamp extended is because my dual citizenship allows me to stay in the country as long as I want. That’s part of the reason I went to the Registro Civil 13 times to apply for my DNI.

However, because the bureaucracy is so bad and I have to wait so long for the document to arrive, all I have to prove that it’s being processed is a piece of paper. There’s a fine for overstaying the limit in a passport, roughly $300 pesos last I heard. I’m hoping that if they tell me I need to pay the fine to leave the country, my Argentine papers will suffice. However, this also raises questions, because they might tell me that since I’m Argentine and have no DNI, I can’t leave. I need to hope that things work out and I get a sympathetic customs agent. Otherwise I’ve wasted a lot of money on airfare.

Aside from that potential from disaster, if I do successfully cross the border, this will re-up my passport, allowing me to possibly take a weekend trip to Uruguay in the summer. Once I land in Santiago my friend Nicole is going to meet me at the airport, and from there she supposedly has some surprises lined up. I know that we’ll be spending one day in Chilean Wine Country, drinking wine and enjoying the outdoors. I’ve been to Santiago before, when I visited my friends from back home for the Christmas/New Years’ Eve holiday time in 2008-2009.

I might not be able to give updates from the road because I’m mostly trying to just disconnect and clear my head for a few days. But once I’m back I’ll do some writing on how the trip went.


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