Molecular Cocktails in Buenos Aires at Mixology

17 Oct

On Friday night I met up with my friend Pablo and a friend of his from Madrid who is currently traveling through South America for a year. We ordered some pizza and talked until midnight, and then we headed out for a special kind of night out. Pablo’s friend is a bar tender at one of the best known bars in London, and therefore she wanted to try a bar in Palermo called Mixology. The reason that this bar is so special is because it’s one of the only places in Latin America which makes molecular cocktails, and the only place in Argentina. What exactly is a molecular cocktail, you may ask?

Here’s a review of the bar if you can read Spanish. Basically, these are highly complicated cocktails which take about 10-15 minutes each to make, and using chemistry or something complicated, turn alcohol into little bubbles which absorb the flavors, and somehow you wind up with a delicious cocktail. The bartender, Daniel Avellaneda, is the only one who can do it, and we had to wait an hour for him to show up. We actually walked into blind luck because the bar was rented out for a birthday party. That meant that most of the kids were just drinking beers or simple cocktails, and Daniel was free to talk to us the entire night and explain the process of drinking. Most of the time, he told us, he’s making cocktails non-stop. It also helped to have a fellow bartender for him to talk to. Daniel is a top bartender who had to study molecular drinks for about a year and a half, and was bartending well before that. Imagine him as a top chef who would be on TV, and he actually showed us magazines where he’s been featured and written about.

We each ordered a different cocktail and tried them out, and though I don’t know much about cocktails, I told him to give me something sweet. What I got in the end was definitely delicious and powerful, and we continued to talk to him as he treated us to two more cocktails on the house. The only drawback is that each cocktail goes for $40 pesos (at the current time), so unless you’re Daddy Warbucks, this kind of cocktail might not be available to you every Friday night. But for a once in a lifetime experience, it was definitely worth it.

Address: El Salvador 5090, Palermo


2 Responses to “Molecular Cocktails in Buenos Aires at Mixology”

  1. Cocktail Crush October 30, 2010 at 12:05 pm #

    I have started to learn about Molecular mixology recently and think that it is not only really interesting but that it really does result in cocktails which are on a completely different level in terms of flavour. I have a friend in Buenos Aires at the moment so I will recommend that she pays Mixology a visit!

    • Jon October 30, 2010 at 1:48 pm #

      Thanks for commenting! It’s not that I’m totally unfamiliar with cocktails–I love a good whiskey and coke or rum and coke, etc. And I love trying new drinks, but generally I stick with the basics. Molecular drinks are anything but basic, but come out really great in the end and are unique, making them worth trying at least once.

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