Too Many Protests, Buenos Aires

21 Oct

Throughout the first year of living in Buenos Aires I’ve seen many protests and strikes of all kinds and forms. In fact, just a few days after arriving here I unknowingly walked right into a protest in Plaza de Mayo, in front of the Presidential Palace. Even with all of the protests, the last few days have become a mess of protesting and violence, culminating with the death of 23 year old Mariano Ferreyra yesterday as striking rail workers clashed with leftist militants. Now as a result, seemingly all sectors of the country are striking and protesting any and all things. Subway workers are either giving away fares for free or shutting down service. Streets and highways are blocked off and transportation is a total mess.

There has to be a stop to all of the protesting and striking before this country just totally collapses on itself. I can’t see the benefit behind it, and don’t know why so many of the protesters don’t realize that they are ultimately hurting their country. A good point was brought up to me last week when someone pointed out that Argentina’s only had democracy for a few years compared to many other nations which have experienced it for centuries. So naturally there are going to be growing pains. And maybe it’s a good thing in the end, and what you might expect. But either way, at this point in time, I’m fed up by reading the news and seeing only blood headlines. It got old a long time ago, Argentina. It’s time to grow up.


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