Uncorked with Travel Guy: Part 4, Hom

24 Oct

On Friday night I opened up a bottle of Hom Extra Brut from the Cava La Carmela winery in Mendoza. This is a sparkling wine, which is essentially champagne, but because there is a copyright on the word champagne, only sparkling wine produced in France can be called champagne. But if you know wine, you know what you’re really drinking. Personally, I don’t drink too much sparkling wine, though it’s not because I don’t enjoy it. Sparkling wine isn’t a typical drink I’ll have before heading out to a party or bar, and I don’t usually have dinner parties in which it could be called for. However, on special occasions like New Years Eve or other celebratory parties, it’s more than welcome by me.


I’d tried Hom before when attending the Anuva wine tasting and remembered liking it, though the exact taste was something I couldn’t recall, so I was happy to give this wine a shot. One thing that I had remembered was that Hom went very well with something light such as green apple, crackers and a cream or paste. I cut up some green apple and went for it, opening the bottle and trying the first sip with much enthusiasm. I felt the strong sense of tart flavor and definitely noted the well-balanced melody of fruits. Next I ate a piece of the apple, which had a more than usual jump to it. Back to another sip and the sparkling sensation bounced all throughout my mouth with the aftertaste lingering.

One thing that I realized was that with extra brut sparkling wines, such as this one, I get bad indigestion. The same thing happened to me on New Years Eve of last year in Mar del Plata when we had a typical dessert of lemon gelato and sparkling wine. I was tossing and turning all night from the acidic taste and strong sensation in my chest. I could feel that happening again with the bottle of Hom, so I cut myself off after just a couple of glasses.

Later, I went out to Thelonius Club in Palermo. We had just missed the show, but listened to some really nice music as we talked about a number of things, including the wine. I came to the conclusion that maybe listening to some jazz music while drinking this sparkling wine could be really pleasant. Something smooth about the music and the drink would go together well, and nothing could make it better than a cool spring or summer night.

Technical Data

Varietals: Chardonnay 70% & Chenin Blanc 30%.
Method: Chaussepied Method (Natural fermentation in closed tanks).
Alcohol Content: ALC 12.3% by Vol.
Bottle: 750ml.
Packaging: 12x750ml/case
Annual Production: 35,000 bottles.


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