Census Day and the Former Argentine President Dies

27 Oct

It’s kind of a weird day right off the bat. Today is a national holiday because of the census which is taking place throughout the country. Literally everything is closed until 8 pm so that censures can come around to every house in the country and collect voluntary information and update the statistics. This is a nice little change of pace, and somehow feels like a snow day, though in the spring.

I’ve been feeling sick since Sunday, with my body being destroyed from exhaustion and more recently from a dinner on Monday, so I stayed in bed until about 11 am, then woke up to find out that former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner died of a heart attack this morning at 9:30 am in El Calafate, in Santa Cruz Province in Patagonia. He was there with his wife, for what I presume to be the census. Kirchner had undergone surgery last month on a coronary artery, and earlier in the year had another surgery for his heart as well. Still, his death is a sudden shock to the nation, which was expecting nothing interesting on this day at home.

Kirchner was also the leader of UNASUR, a league of South American nations, though he could be considered as much of a controversial character as his wife, who is the current president of Argentina. It will be interesting to see how his death plays out in Argentine politics and what this does to President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner rating and career. Check the Buenos Aires Herald for up to the minute news on this event in English.


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