Don’t Blame It (Entirely) On the Postal Service

2 Nov

If you recall to a few months back in June, I wrote a post or two about having trouble with the Argentine Postal Service. This was back on June 5th, I talked about how a package my mom sent me in May never arrived to my apartment. It was shipped with insurance and priority, yet nothing ever came to my door and no messages to pick it up came either. Soon I had to move out, but I gave plenty of warning to my doorman that I was leaving and how he could reach me. I also got in touch with a neighbor to warn her, warned the girls moving into my apartment, and called the doorman frequently to check on it. But nothing ever came.

It was more than suspicious because the U.S. Postal Service did their part and delivered the package to Argentina. Their system showed that it was delivered in May and was sitting in Buenos Aires, yet when I contacted the Postal Service in Buenos Aires, they told me they didn’t have it. Next came the tracking number from the U.S. Using that number, we traced a new number in Argentina, and they told me it was sitting in customs for a few weeks. You can imagine how mad I was, considering they never tried to tell me to come pick it up, or even bring it to its actual destination.

My old neighbor had a friend at the Post Office and asked her to look into it, and we were told that it would be kept at customs for a month before being shipped back. I tried to go on my lunch break one day but with 20 minutes walking time and a line of 200 people, I knew it was a lost cause. Luckily my old neighbor volunteered to go down on my behalf and pick it up, but the July 9th holiday caused us to miss a day, and when my neighbor Ana got there at 9 am, they told her they had just sent it back to the United States. Rats.

But weeks later and the package still didn’t get home. The Argentine Postal Service said it was long gone but the U.S. Postal Service said they didn’t have it and it should still be in Buenos Aires. Days, weeks and months went by without word until just a few weeks ago my parents told it the package arrived back in one piece. The real kicker of it is comes from last week, when I called the old doorman to check on my DNI, which is supposed to be shipped to the old building. He said something arrived 15 days earlier (thanks for the warning) but he was out of town and would be back soon. Ana went down to look for me, and she told me there were two messages from the Post Office dated from August with first, second and third notices to pick up the package.

This presents an epic fail on both the doorman and the Postal Service. First, the package was supposedly mailed back in July, but the messages first appeared in August, long after they lied to me and said it was gone. Second, the doorman essentially broke the law by failing to forward the messages or attempt to deliver them to my old neighbor who could get in touch with me. So since it wasn’t entirely the fault of the Postal Service, I’ll give a semi-apology to them and a “well that makes sense” to the doorman.


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