Uncorked with Travel Guy, Part 6: Carinae Torrontés

10 Nov



Carinae Torrontés 2009

In Part 6 of Uncorked I was pleasantly surprised with a white wine, which was the first I’ve tried in the series. The lucky grape that would bring me into this lighter side of wine was the torrontés, which if you’re not familiar with yet, you should be getting your keys and shoes together to head to the nearest wine shop after reading this article. The bottle I tried was a Carinae Torrontés 2009, and this brand of wine had a special connection for me. When I first arrived to Argentina I took a trip with my friend Kristine out to Mendoza. The first winery we visited was Carinae, though that day we didn’t try any of their white wine. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of drinking many great wines, and I was happy to get back to my “roots.” This torrontés comes from Cafayate, Salta, in northwestern Argentina.

It’s generally a good idea to have your white wine chilled, so I let this bottle cool down to the recommended 6-8 degrees Celsius (42-46 degrees Fahrenheit). When I opened it up on Sunday afternoon, it was a hot day, really the first truly hot one we’ve had all year. With the bottle in my hand, I could seemingly already feel the refreshment through osmosis or some kind of supernatural power, wishing me to have a nice drink. The first smell wasn’t even necessary because such an overwhelming waft of fruit emerged once I uncorked the bottle. And then came the first sip. Immediately my body felt cool and at ease, and the aftertaste of a sweet but not overpowering sensation lingered just long enough but not a second too long.

For some reason the image of sitting in a backyard at the end of a summer day popped into my head, and I could just imagine myself barefoot on a wooden deck looking at swaying trees in the wind. A light breeze in my face and another reach for the bottle. Add a hammock to this equation and you’ve got my version of paradise. I kept the majority of the bottle for the next night, and it continued to work wonders again. I have to be honest–though I’ve traditionally been a red wine drinker, this torrontés has me thinking. Summer is coming after all. I just might have to change my ways and start buying a bottle ‘a white.

The Carinae Boutique Winery’s story is about Brigitte and Phillipe Subra, who came to Argentina from France in 1998. They created CarinaE Vinedos & Bodega in January 2003. Since then the winery has been producing high quality wines in Mendoza, Argentina. The vineyards are situated in the High Area of the Mendoza River. The total wine process, from the management of the vineyards to bottling is supervised by Michel Rolland and his team in Mendoza.


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