I Think I Found a New Place to Live

22 Nov

I’ve been trying to find a new apartment for over a month now and the search has been difficult. I don’t want to move again, and this will be the 5th time, but inflation hits hard and I need to find a cheaper apartment in a cheaper neighborhood. Even just a change of a couple hundred of pesos can make a difference, especially since I live as frill-less as possible. Lately, my search winded down because of a false sense of success. A couple weeks ago I checked out an apartment and everything seemed fine. I felt comfortable, the price was good, and all was well. I just needed to meet another roommate before they could sign off on it. This process proved difficult, and though I asked again for an update, I finally went to meet the roommate last Thursday after work.

The roommate from Panama was friendly and serious, and we both agreed on points and made good impressions on each other. He told me I was most likely welcome to live there but would just need to check in with the other girl, and would let me know by Saturday at the latest. Saturday came and I still hadn’t heard, so when I contacted him again and said I needed to know yes or no so that I could at least give ample warning to my current roommates. He apologized and said they still had to figure something out and he would let me know in the morning.

This was all weird because as far as I was concerned, we were all in agreement that we felt comfortable with each other, the price was agreed on, and in my opinion, that’s all you can hope for. I shouldn’t have to write an essay on my core beliefs or anything else, save submitting a letter of recommendation. Sunday night and I still hadn’t heard, so again I ask what the deal is, and finally they say all is good, you’re welcome to live with us. “Bienvenidos!” Good, great, (finally) thank you, we’ll talk in a day or so the hash out details and settle the deposit.

But this morning I got a surprising text saying sorry, but things have changed and we’re going to rent the room to a friend of the girl. Sorry we made you waste two weeks, head all over town and dick you around saying we’ll let you know, we’ll let you know. If that had all happened and they said no, so be it. But they told me OK. That’s just bad form. My frustration and difficulty in renting in Buenos Aires now has a new story to add to the bullshit I’ve had to put up with.

So seemingly without options again, I quickly scanned some other apartments I was looking at and called up the girl in the morning. She said to come by in the afternoon, and after getting a nice lunch in Chinatown with my old roommate Linde who came back to Buenos Aires the other day, I checked out the place in Alto Palermo. It’s a bit farther away from the office than the other apartment was, but had a nice living room, balcony, and still affordable price. A roommate from Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina round out the place, and though the room is small and I’ll have to ride the subway in the summer again, it’s a nice place and worth it. It won’t be available until January, but I’m going back on Friday to leave a deposit. Barring any other setbacks, hopefully on Friday I can say surely that I have a new place to live. Until then, it’s a matter of keeping fingers crossed.


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