Go for Dinner at Miranda in Palermo Hollywood

4 Dec

This is an official endorsement for a restaurant in Buenos Aires, so get ready for a review. Last night I joined my roommate and a friend of his for dinner, and though our plan was to head to Siga La Vaca in Puerto Madero, a long line brought us up to Palermo instead. Palermo Hollywood is littered with trendy and packed restaurants, and no matter where we looked, every place was full. Back when my friends visited in March we got dinner at Miranda on the corner of Fitz Roy and Costa Rica, and I remembered that it was a great meal, so we headed there for round two and to see if it held up.

Though the outdoor seating was filled, we were able to get a table inside right away, and just in time too because it was already past 10:30 pm and we were all hungry. Service at first was a bit slow, though normal for Argentina. On a regular day it wouldn’t have meant anything but the fact that we were so hungry made us a bit edgier. Finally we ordered, and without much imagination, we all ordered the bife de chorizo. The other guys got sides of mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, but I went with the fries and sweet potato fries. For a drink I picked out a bottle of Benjamin Malbec, which was one of the cheaper options on the nice wine list, though it was far from a low quality wine.

The bread comes out fairly quickly after ordering, with twisty-bread sticks and several helpings of white and wheat bread with a delicious cream cheese with chive dip. I can’t remember the last time I had some cream cheese (probably the last time I went to Miranda, actually) and it really hit the spot as we waited for the steaks. I ordered mine rare, but usually when I do that the chefs overcook it just a bit, as if they’re not sure if I really wanted it rare or not.

The steaks came out and upon inspection had a presence worthy of a photo. Large and smelling like happiness, we dug in and let the conversation drop off for a few minutes. My steak was cooked perfectly, and piling on the salsa criolla added but didn’t overpower the taste. A lot of times you order a steak and it’s simply doused in salt, but though salt was on the meat it wasn’t overbearing. The sides were huge and we made the mistake of ordering three of them. Two would have sufficed for three, and if you go with just another person, you’ll get by on one side. The fries were good, though the sweet potato was a bit dry. The puree, on the other hand, was excellent. If I go back again, I would have to try the pumpkin variety.

We ordered another bottle of the Benjamin before getting the bill by 12:30 am, with the restaurant still buzzing. It wasn’t the cheapest meal–we all dropped $100 pesos, but it was worth the treat. Like I said, Palermo Hollywood has so many restaurants and cafes that it’s hard to know which are good and which are just so-so. You can easily walk into a cafe or bar and get a great meal and go to a fancy restaurant that sucks. This wasn’t the case. Miranda lives up to its name and delivers.

On another note, while Palermo is generally pretty safe, especially Palermo Hollywood which is filled with people late into the night, you need to be careful no matter where you are in the city. After leaving the restaurant we headed to Congo Bar for a bit. It’s a cool and laid back bar with a nice courtyard in the back. Anyway, upon leaving we were walking down Godoy Cruz, which is traditionally a lousy street next to abandoned houses where squatters live, but we were in a group and no one was around. After crossing a street I noticed a homeless guy behind us was pulling a bottle out of his sweatshirt and getting ready to crack it over my head. I stared him down and we kept moving until he backed away. As long as you’re aware and show you’re conscious you can sometimes avoid trouble. So just keep an eye out as always.

Long story short, for a great meal head to Miranda in Palermo Hollywood.


Costa Rica y Fitz Roy



One Response to “Go for Dinner at Miranda in Palermo Hollywood”

  1. Shelley December 27, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    Hey – thanks for this. I went to Miranda last week with 5 others and we had a very satisfied meal. I am not so keen on the decor as prefer cosy to grand but the food was good and the salad was so big we couldn’t all finish the only one we ordered!

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