Out at Podestá Bar

11 Dec

Yesterday we went to celebrate my friend Vero’s birthday in Palermo. She looked for a bar where we could eat and later dance, but couldn’t find what she was looking for, so eventually she settled on Podestá Bar on Armenia 1740 (esq. Costa Rica). Vero’s birthday is important for me too because on that day last year she asked me to help her out with English, and from there our friendship really took off. Her friendship was the first solid one of its kind that I had with any Argentines, and it was a turning point for me in this country. The plan was to meet at the bar at 11 pm, so in good form I showed up lazily around midnight, knowing that getting there too early was pointless.

We stood outside the bar for about an hour on our own accord while waiting for the entire group to show up, but it was pleasant outside and I didn’t mind. Once we finally got inside, my initial reaction of the bar was that it wasn’t anything special. The music was too loud, it was too dark, and already crowded and stuffy. To me, it just seemed like any other dark bar in Latin America. The giant screen on the wall showed a documentary about Diego Maradona and later on switched to an Italian movie. We started in with our drinks at a table, but it was really too loud to talk and we wound up having to shout.

Eventually the bar filled up so much that going to the bathroom was a huge mission in itself. Sure, you might be able to make it through the crowd to the narrow entry leading to the bathrooms by the exit, but then you’d have to make your way back. Inevitably, you would pass by the bar and several tables on the side, meaning a cluster of people stood in your way. By 3 am the vibe got really good, however. The mostly American and English music was a popular choice and we began to dance in a circle, working on sweating out the vodka and Speed (energy drink).

It’s nearly summer and the heat was intense, but eventually people started to leave and it helped a bit. In the end, the bar came away with a win for me, but in general I would have to say that there are probably better places you can go in Palermo. The one thing that I noticed, however, is that there didn’t seem to be too many foreigners in there, so if you’re looking for an authentic night out (if that’s really possible in Palermo Soho) you could check out Podestá Bar.

Podestá Bar, Armenia 1740 (esq. Costa Rica)


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